Navegatium Maxpad Navegatium Maxpad

Navegatium Maxpad A DICOM viewer table at Your Fingertips

Browse, display and share radiology images through a large touchscreen platform incredibly easy to use.

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DICOM images in 3D

Generate volumes through their DICOM studies and be amazed by the fluidity of MPR reconstruction and 3D volumes.

The design of a single platform

A high resolution multi-touch screen nwith a high-performance hardware and an amazing medical image viewer, with several possibilities.

Different applications. A single DICOM viewer.

The power of Navegatium Corporate software version at your disposal within the Navegatium Maxpad

Navegatium Corporate

  1. Compatible with leading DICOM modalities
  2. Annotation and measurement tools
  3. Advanced module for anatomical studies
  4. Tools for radiological use
  5. Hounsfield measurement for point and area
  6. Multiplanar and volumetric reconstructions
  7. Tissue segmentation and Crop 3D
  8. Navegatium 3D Printing Module
  9. API integration with PACS systems
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