How to explore DICOM images and studies with Navegatium DICOM Viewer

Navegatium DICOM Viewer provides you with all the essential tools you need to unleash the full potential of your images. It brings new ways for you to navigate and enhance your viewing experience. Do more in fewer steps:

Import a patient

Import a patient

To start using the app, import patients directly from a local folder, a USB drive, CD/DVD, external HDD or any other device connected to your computer. You also have the option to configure an external PACS server through Navegatium PACS Viewer.

Sort> choose how to sort the patients in your app, whether by acquisition date or patient name, in ascending or descending order;

Import from a PACS server> configure a PACS server to search and import patients over a local network or the internet. Access Navegatium PACS Viewer to know more about our integration;

Import a patient

Sync> Synchronize the patient

Export patient to Local> Export the patient DICOM images to a local folder in your computer;

Export pacient to PACS> Export the patient DICOM images to a PACS

Delete pacient> Delete the patient

Search> Use the search tool to search you patients with ease. The search interface allows you to filter by patient name, acquisition date or modality. Click on a patient to quickly verify their information and select the series you wish to transfer, saving time and bandwidth.

Import a patient

Advanced Search> Do a more detailed search, filtering studies for specific dates and terms.

Import a patient

Navegatium Knowledge Base> Press this button to access NVKB, a comprehensive library of DICOM images from several imaging modalities and anatomical features.

Import a patient

Choose a serie

Choose a serie

Navigate through the studies of a patient, organized by modality and acquisition date. Choose the series you wish to visualize.

DICOM header> browse and review any additional information contained in the DICOM images;

Choose a Study

View the study

View the study

Select the series you want to visualize. Navegatium provides the essential manipulation tools as well as advanced tools to aid the most dedicated users in extracting the most out of their DICOM images.

Basic manipulation tools

Zoom> magnify or reduce the image;

Rotate> rotate the image around its center;

Rotate Volume> rotate the volume around its center;

Move> pan the image up, down or to the sides;

Windowing> change window level and width, or choose from the available preset;

Windowing Presets> change window level and width, or choose from the available preset;

Scroll> navigate through the images or different slices in a reconstruction;

POI> click or tap on a point in the image to show it on all viewing planes;

Annotation and measurement tools

Line> draw and measure straight lines;

Rectangle> draw and measure rectangles and rectangular areas;

Elipse> draw and measure ellipses and elliptical areas;

Path> draw a free hand path on the image;

Text> write text directly on the image;

Edit> move an annotation or resize it by its control points;

Delete> click or tap to delete or remove any annotation;

Advanced tools

MPR> display a multiplanar (MPR) reconstruction of the main anatomical planes;

Original> display the original acquisition images in full screen;

Volume> display the volume (3D) reconstruction;

MIP> display the maximum-intensity-projection (MIP) reconstruction;

X-Ray> display a simulated X-ray reconstruction in the current orientation;

Color Palettes> choose among a selection of color palettes to apply to all views.

Visualization tools

Full Screen> toggle the current view to full screen display;

Sync> toggle to sync manipulation on all three MPR anatomical planes;

Layout tools

View> choose between 3 views (axial, sagittal, coronal) or 4 views (3 + volume);

Info> choose between a clean or detailed info overlay to display;

Report tools

Add Report> add a screenshot of the current visualization to the report;

Create Report> generate a report for you to view, edit and print;

Create a report

Create a Navegatium report

Create complete and visually stunning reports in no time.

Write comments on the header or below any image you have captured from the viewer, directly on the app.

Create a Navegatium report

Print> Print your reports on any standard printer.

With a PDF printer such as CutePDF or PDFCreator installed, you can export PDF files to later send via email or save them anywhere.

  • PDF
  • Publish
  • Email
Create a report

Request 3D Printing

Ask for a 3d printing

Module Navegatium 3D Printing, the innovative 3D on-demand printing service, which enables the request biomodels impressions through studies directly loaded into the application.

Navegatium 3D Printing

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