Navigate and explore radiological images in 3D with Navegatium DICOM Viewer

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Navegatium DICOM Viewer, a new concept
in medical imaging.

Navegatium is the DICOM viewer that grubs the world of
applications in the medical field. With an innovative approach
in the market, it can be acquired for free via Windows Store.
It is considered by many users the easyest medical viewer
to operate in the market, it has a interface that every doctor
looking at a medical software, without forgetting the
functionality and powerful features to explore, and manipulate
DICOM studies (.dcm files ) of all complicated. The Navegatium
DICOM Viewer also has integration with PACS (Picture
Archiving and Communication System) for hospitals, clinics
and research centers, allowing doctors, radiologists,
pathologists and researchers consult and store their studies
and medical imaging in their work institutions.

Its powerful viewer is capable of generating multiplanar (MPR),
volume (3D) and X-ray reconstructions, and contains the essential
tools for a careful and in-depth medical image analysis.

With Navegatium, you can also make annotations and measurements, directly on the images with the touch of a finger, and generate printable reports in a simple and uncomplicated manner. A complete radiological workstation for high-quality and high-performance DICOM image analysis with the ease-of-use of an app.

Also features the Navegatium 3D Printing, the innovative 3D printing on demandservice of Navegatium, which allows request of biomodels impressions through studies loaded directly into the application.

A complete radiological workstation Download Navegatium DICOM Viewer

Import DICOM images, navigate with fluidity, generate MPR, 3D and X-ray reconstructions.

Our innovative viewer provides you with high-quality multiplanar (MPR), volume (3D) and X-ray reconstructions, as well as dynamic manipulation (zoom, pan, rotation, crop, MIP, windowing, color palettes and more) of the original or reconstructed images. All of that in an intuitive user interface which takes full advantage of multi-touch gesture interactions. Taking advantage of the advanced DirectX hardware acceleration, you can use these advanced tools to power high-resolution displays in high-performance desktop computers or to conveniently access your images in portable Windows 8.1 compatible tablets, with exactly the same functionality at your disposal.

Import DICOM images, navigate with fluidity, generate MPR, 3D and X-ray reconstructions
Gere reports directly from Navegatium

Generate reports directly from Navegatium DICOM Viewer that you can print and distribute as you like.

Add as many screenshots as you like directly from the viewer

With Navegatium, you generate reports with extreme ease. Add as many screenshots as you like directly from the viewer. The editting is simple and made directly on the final report. You can then print it on-the-fly on any regular printer. Less hassle, more effectiveness for your task at hand.

Ask 3D impressions of studies carried through the Navegatium 3D Printing

Unprecedented in the market, this is 3D printing service under biomodels demand for the medical field. Through Navegatium viewer, you will be able to request the biomodels production based on studies loaded into the application and receiving the go.

The accuracy of the forms captured by radiographic process enables, through the most modern materials and processes 3D printing, accurately replicate bones, tissues and organs loaded into the application. The biomodels have mechanical and physical properties equivalent to those of the human body and can be used for teaching, research, studies, surgical planning or simply as decorative items.

Try to request the printing of a study and receive a free quote!

A complete library of DICOM images at your disposal.

Navegatium Knowledge Base

In addition to being the best touchscreen portable DICOM PACS Workstation in the market, Navegatium adds to its cost-effectiveness by also providing access to NVKB - Navegatium Knowledge Base, a comprehensive library of DICOM images, for a complete user experience. The app comes configured to access NVKB with a single click you can enjoy a variety of studies from several imaging modalities at your disposal.

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