Navegatium 3D Printing On demand 3D printing service

Ask the 3D printing biomodels from resonances or CT scans. Get on the go.

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Workflow Navegatium 3D Printing

Download Navegatium and order prints 3D models for study, research or
surgical planning through Navegatium 3D Printing module.

Navegatium 3D Printing is the exclusive
service to biomodels 3D printing tissues and organs

Learn how to make your request for 3D printing of surgical models through Navegatium

What can I print in the medical field?

See the options that 3D Printing Navegatium offers

  • Bone

  • Bone with transparent skin

  • Organ

  • Transparent organ especially in tissue

  • Tissue (tumor)

  • Dental Arch

  • Upload specific studies

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